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Payday loans online from – Get your money now in Florida!

Payday loans online or a payday advance in Jacksonville Florida have the same meaning and are just different names for the short-term loans. They can be indispensable for those who need money quickly and want to avoid wasting time on paperwork. Our goal is to take care of our clients in hard times. We offer you to apply for our payday loans without leaving your home sitting at the computer and filling out an easy application form. We are waiting to get the repayment from your next payday. We would like to warn you about higher interest rates than in some traditional banks but it is worth paying for your convenience, security of your personal data and fast approval. If you know that you won’t be able to repay your online payday loan you shouldn’t worry because we can extend it for you.

While taking a decision if you need this type of a loan you should consider the major characteristics of online payday loans such as the amount you are going to borrow, interest rates and fees. You should remember that online payday loans are given for a short period of time and have limitations concerning the amount which is usually not more than $1,000. Sometimes if you apply for the first time you can get approval not to the entire sum which is available.

We would like to draw your attention to the annual percentage rate. We offer our clients competitive APR which is around 35%. You will have the term from 2 to 4 weeks.

How company works

What are the advantages of online payday loans which can influence your decision:

  • Convenient applying.
  • Fast approval.
  • Security of your personal data.
  • Getting money on your bank account.
  • Absence of paperwork and faxing.

What does the process of getting online payday loans in Jacksonville Florida involve?

Our clients will be glad to find out that the entire process is rather clear and simple and has the following steps:

  1. Choose a payday lender.

    You should be attentive making the choice because it is preferably to borrow from direct lenders than from companies that take your application and work as a go-between. As for us we work only online to make the process as easy as possible.

  2. Fill out an online application form.

    As a rule your application form includes your contact details, information about your bank account and employment. Sometimes we may ask you to provide us with the contact information of some members of your family or close friends in order to have additional contacts in case you won’t repay the loan.

  3. Indicate the amount of money you want to borrow.

    Remember that this sum must be paid back by a definite date which will be stated by your lender.

  4. Wait for approval.

    Compared to other lenders we are ready to suggest you instant approval that will take you several minutes.

  5. Check your bank account.

    Your lender will send your money directly into your valid bank account.

After the term of your payday advance is over, we are going to debit your checking account to get the repayment of your payday loan plus our fee.

How long are you supposed to repay payday loans online?

As you already know, usually you have two weeks as instant payday loans in Jacksonville FL are provided for a short-term period. Their purpose is to solve your financial problems by supporting you between your paychecks. Sometimes if our client wishes to have longer terms such as a month or three months we can consider such situations but you should keep in mind that long-term loans have more interest.

When there is a date when your repayment of your payday loan must be done, there are special automatic services which debit your account where money was initially deposited.

What to do in case of not being able to pay the loan back?

If you feel that you can’t afford to recompense your payday loan you should contact your direct lender to ask for rolling it over into another 14 days. In this case you will have additional fee.

You shouldn’t panic and be depressed because we are ready to offer our clients all possible solutions of this problem. If you have such situation you should take the following steps in order we may help you. Contact us as soon as possible and we will:

  1. Consider your personal circumstances and give you additional period of time to pay the loan back. But you should know that freezing interest and suspending charges can be included here.
  2. Offer you suspend recovery for some reasonable term in case you are working at your repayment plan using the help of a debt adviser or by yourself.
  3. Show you where you can ask for an independent debt advice.
  4. Think over the variant of accepting your payments in small parts if your recompense will mean that you won’t have enough money for a normal living.

Why should you give preference to our company?

Our motto has always been providing our clients with ease and convenience of getting our online payday loans. We may offer you many benefits and flexibility is one of them. In comparison with the traditional banks you don’t need to look at your watch because we are open during 24 hours per day even on Sunday.

Should you worry about your bad credit score?

Being your direct payday lenders in Jacksonville Florida we can assure you that you have no reasons to worry about your past credit history. We are not interested in your poor credit score because the only thing that matters for us is your current financial situation. That’s why you should be ready to present us some proof from your current work. Clients who are employed now can have no doubts that we won’t approve your application for our guaranteed payday loans.

What do we promise you as our client?

  • We will always provide you with the services of high level.
  • Our business practices will be clear and just.
  • We will improve our system of payday loans online every day so that more people can use the privilege of our instant payday loans for their needs.