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Easy payday loans: How much can you borrow?

Easy payday loans or instant payday loans can be the best problem-solving for those who need a short-term loan because the amount of this kind of loans varies from 100 $ to 1500$. The sums are not too large intentionally in order you are able to repay your payday loan after getting your next salary. So the money should be paid back on your next payday which is very convenient.

How to get the maximum payday loan and what does the amount depend on?

The main factor that can influence the amount of payday loan that we will allow you to apply for is your income. You should provide us with the information about your current employment or just a source of your steady income, but it is better to be employed from 3 to 6 months in order we have some guarantee that it is your permanent place of work and that you are not likely to be fired tomorrow.

As a rule, we require you to earn not less than 1000$ per month if you want to get the maximum easy payday loan from us. Customers with much higher salaries are able to ask for larger sums of borrowings. The other factor that can play the important role while approving your application on getting the loan may be the presence of other payday loans that you haven’t paid back yet.

If you income is low you won’t count on getting more than 500 $. But our company has an advantageous offer for you which is getting a larger payday loan after the first full repayment on time. If we see that our clients repay our instant payday loans without problems and on a specified date corresponding the pay date we promise to allow you to borrow more the next time if you need our financial support in the future.

What does a short-term loan can offer you?

Our simple payday loans suggest filling out an easy online application people who don’t have problems with the credit history as well as bad credit borrowers. We offer you the possibility to enjoy the following advantages of being our clients:

  • Loan amount is up to $1,800
  • Loan term varies from two weeks to one month
  • The whole cost of loan is $100: 20% of borrowed money plus additional 4% monthly
  • Fast approval
  • Absence of obligatory credit checks

How can you repay your easy payday loan?

Usually we have the requirements for you to pay the whole amount of money taking into account the additional interest on one payment. But there are cases when more than one payment may be possible.

We have taken care about your convenience and made the electronic system of repayment which withdraws the necessary amount of money from your bank account automatically on the date which was stated in the contract.

How will the non-repayment affect your financial situation?

If we don’t get the recompense of the payday loan on time which was mentioned while signing the documents we have the legal right to charge you some additional fees which are written in the loan agreement. You can renew simple payday loans but you should remember that this variant will include additional fees and interest. Make sure you are ready for this.