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When can you get a call from our representative of our payday loans online services?

One of the requirements to get our payday loans online is to provide us with the valid contact information. What do we need your e-mail and phone number for?

You should be ready to receive the call from our representative if we need to inform you about something important. Here we are going to warn you which situations may require using your contact information provided in the application form while applying for our online payday loans for you to be ready to react in a correct way.

When are we going to contact you for the first time?

Proving us with the valid contact information will help us to inform you about your approval immediately. Usually we send you an e-mail with the confirmation of your approval of becoming our customer and being able to get the necessary amount of money the same day. However, sometimes there are situations when a person hasn’t been approved. In this case our representative tries to inform you about the reason why we can’t approve your application at the moment. Among the possible reasons is wrong information provided in the application form or your inability to meet our requirements which you can get acquainted with at our official website before applying for our instant payday loans.

How safe is your contact information?

You shouldn’t worry that we can use your personal information in our own aims. We don’t share your contact information with any other company because in comparison with the lead generators we are a direct lender company which doesn’t act as a go-between. We are going to use your contact information when we really need to know your opinion or confirmation to perform some actions. Safety of our customers’ personal information is the priority of our company!

How to differentiate our representative from the scam call?

Unfortunately, nowadays we face a lot of scams in all spheres of our life and online payday loans are not an exception. If you have been searching for an online payday advance and have left your contact information somewhere this organization can use your data for offering their products even without having you as their client. You should be careful when you provide some company with your personal information via internet because not all companies can be trustworthy. You should remember that getting a call from our representative will be only if it is something important. Our representatives never ask your personal information like your passport data or your Security number as we have this information in our application form.

What are the situations which may require contacting you?

  1. To confirm your approval or to inform you about the reason of refusal.
  2. To inform you about some special offers for new customers.
  3. To inform you about any changes in our working schedule due to official holidays.
  4. To inform you of any new services that can be provided for you in case you need them.
  5. To inform you about the repayment date.
  6. To inform you about any difficulties concerning withdrawal money from your account.